Torrey Book Review

At an open invitation of Lex – on February 28, 2012, I volunteered to share in posts discussing this favorite volume of hers.

Here are the articles, past, present, and future, discussing RA Torrey’s 1898 title “What the Bible Teaches.” These two links can be used as an easy index to all the posts discussing this book. We invite all comments, looking for a sparkling discussion.

A clean PDF copy can be downloaded from here, the original publication facsimile version from here.

All of the posts by Lex can be found on her blog “The Esther Project,” here is the link.

All of my posts on the Torrey book can be found here.

November, 2012
We ended the Torey book review a bit prematurely. It was fun while it lasted. Lex has had her first child and everyone knows how that can take control of a family’s life. Everyone wishes them all the best and God’s speed! She has a great ministry ahead of her.