On-Call Crisis

7:55 am
I thought last night that I should take a different tack than maintaining the state I was in last Friday, as I shuddered to take the On-Call laptop for the week upcoming. Instead of a defensive posture, trying to deal with the terrors surrounding me, I should rather take an offensive position. Let the Holy Spirit bathe me in grace and use His Word and power to attack those who would assail me with AOG phone calls. I’d do this by welcoming the intervention of our Lord in this affair. Anticipating how wonderfully God will work in my life. Wondering in what way He will be glorified.

I can understand how the Israelites might have felt as they fled from Pharoh’s army, even as the Red Sea parted its waters. That must have been an encouraging site. We might snicker at their nervousness at the impending doom, but we have the hindsight of reading ahead to the next verses. But after they went through the sea on dry land they watched Pharoh’s army hot on their heels catching up with them ready to pounce and destroy. In fear they cried out to Moses.

Exo 14:11 Then they said to Moses, “Is it because there were no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness?”

But he told them to wait again and see how great their God was. Verse 14,

But Moses said to the people, “Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the LORD which He will accomplish for you today.”

And the waters came together crushing and drowning the enemy, and there was no more army! Instead of being in fear of their pursuers, they should have been excited in wondering how God would thwart their enemy.

I figured I might as well anticipate our Lord going in power before me, maybe someone would volunteer to take the on-call week fro me. I’ve had others do that in the past, they are probably in need of the money for the hours they get called. I need the money to, but not at the expense of my sanity! Last time I was the on-call buyer the Lord showed His power and grace by keeping me from getting any calls at all. Not one call came through for the 5 nights I had the laptop (someone volunteered to take the weekend duty). Getting no calls is unheard of. Usually it is crazy busy. I was very thankful for that expression of God’s kindness and intervention.

6:30 pm
I have the laptop at home so I’m praying for God’s hand to keep away calls. No one came forth to volunteer my week. Let’s see the glory of the Lord in keeping the calls away. Of course, if He so wills that I take calls it is imperative that He lift me up in the spirit to work through His power. Even in the middle of the night.

[Scriptures taken from the New American Standard Bible © 1995]

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