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Noah, Man, Myth or Lie

Isaiah 54:9 “For this is like the days of Noah to Me, When I swore that the waters of Noah would not flood the earth again; So I have sworn that I will not be angry with you Nor will … Continue reading

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Divine Judgment, Part 2

The discussion of Divine Judgement can’t be complete without mentioning the ultimate judgment rendered by God. Only it wasn’t against mankind, instead it was for mankind. It was in the judgement of sin that God finally and solely bridged the … Continue reading

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Divine Judgement?

The catastrophe in Japan is heartbreaking to witness as all the world watches the scenes on TV after the recent earthquake and tsunami. Commentators are in concert wishing the Japanese people their best wishes and much hope in the days … Continue reading

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As I mentioned, reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is an awe inspiring endeavor. It puts into perspective just how immense and gracious God is to His creation. The sad reality of mankind’s separation from fellowship with Him in … Continue reading

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