Conversation in Heaven

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When the apostles went to Heaven, they discovered it not to be what they originally imagined. True, Heaven was a place of joy and perfect holiness, an ethereal pleasant place, the ultimate abode of all spiritual beings. But there were many things they never expected; for example, shortly after their arrival, they discovered that Heaven had a massive system of rivers, streams, and lakes. Also, they saw that Jesus knew how to swim. But the strangeness and bizarre reality of Heaven was what startled the apostles the most. At the bottom of every water route were the clouds and birds of the next heavenly level.

Perhaps the strangest of all was the library and its keeper, the angel Raziel. Luke rediscovered the eccentricity of this angel when he left his mansion and checked the mail. From there, he pulled out a letter signed by Raziel.

As you might know, the mystery-seekers on Earth (known in their language as scientists) continue to search for the elusive subatomic particle which they named the Higgs Boson or the ‘God particle.’ The Higgs Boson God particle is what gives mass to the numerous other particles and atoms invisible to human sight. The mystery-seekers search for this invisible microscopic speck of a microbe by using a tunnel that stretches for seventeen miles or twenty-seven kilometers from France to Switzerland. The scientists named the tunnel the Large Hadron Collider.
“To celebrate their search for the Higgs Boson God particle, the library of Heaven will have a God particle theme with decorations and events. All things have received the approval of He Whose godliness suffuses His very atoms. While the mystery-seekers quest for the origin of mass and matter, visitors to the library can observe their quest through viewing screens imported just for the occasion. The scientists titled the Higgs Boson the ‘God particle’ because in the beginning, the God particle enabled objects to have mass and weight, thereby leading to the origin of all creation.

“An explosive firework show will commence the God particle theme to celebrate the adamite atom that filled the universe at the Big Bang.

“In the beginning was the God particle.

“Which brought creation and existence out of nothingness.

“The last event will be a very special mass to honor the author of mass. I have the pleasure of announcing that He Whose godliness suffuses His very atoms will be present during the mass, so I hope the library will experience a massive attendance. I anticipate seeing everyone there.

– Raziel haMalakh”

Luke raised his gaze toward the sky and wondered what eccentricity filled the library for this occasion. Placing the invitation into one of his pockets, he decided to stroll through the glowing streets and came to a hill overlooking a sports field where some particularly fierce warrior angels enjoyed tackling their opponents. Safe from the activity, Peter lounged underneath a tree on the hill and watched the game.

Luke pulled out the letter. “Peter, have you received this invitation from Raziel about the most recent thing in the library? About what is called a ‘God particle’?”

Peter shrugged. From his disconcerted stare, he would rather not think about it.

“Well, at least, Raziel received Jesus’s approval for everything. Maybe it will not be as bizarre as we might suppose.”

“I tried asking Jesus about the particle and the library.”

Luke waited a moment for Peter to continue, but Peter was silent. “Yes, and?”

“And He laughed. Then, He laughed some more. Then, I think He wanted me to leave because He laughed even more.”


Paul walked over to greet them and asked what they were discussing. When they answered about Raziel’s latest invitation, he replied, “What invitation?” Paul rarely checked his mail in Heaven.

Luke handed him the letter. “Raziel’s new God particle theme.”

“Oh, just as well that I no longer check my mail. I have no wish for that angel to disturb me again. Each new theme becomes more bizarre than the last. Poor Thomas has not returned to the library ever since Raziel hosted that X-ray party more than a century ago now.”

Luke sympathized with Thomas. “If Raziel had merely shown the pictures caused by the X-rays, then everything would have been fine. I thought those pictures interesting. No one needed to see what caused the pictures. Instead, he decided to have the rays floating everywhere and bumping into everyone.”

Paul added, “Every time the scientists discover some new well-organized process or law, Raziel redesigns the library with a heavenly analogy or satire such as that generalized theory of relativity.”

Peter placed his fingers gingerly on his forehead, already feeling headaches from the memory. Luke and Paul shuddered and winced. That particular theme was thoroughly weird even according to angel standards.

Luke offered his two friends some hope: “Jesus approved of the decorations and events, so maybe the theme will not be as strange as we fear.”

“Oh? What did He say about it?”

Peter exclaimed, “Nothing! He said nothing! He laughed and did not stop laughing.”

Paul frowned curiously and read the invitation. Then, he showed the picture on the invitation to Luke. The picture consisted of two scientists drinking champagne in front of a computer. “One of those machines – a television or a camera.”


“So, the scientists need special technology to see something so microscopic that they need faith to acknowledge its existence – the scientists need special technology to watch something so microscopic travel through a twenty-seven kilometer tunnel?”

Luke looked at Peter. “That certainly sounds like God’s sense of humor.”

Paul resumed reading the invitation. “And the God particle is supposed to be what gives mass, and a mass will be given at the end…”

Luke wondered, “Do you think Jesus will deliver the library mass? He is God, after all. Fitting with the theme.”

Paul replied, “But Raziel organized everything. The angel could easily have selected Galileo. But, yes, very fitting with the theme to have Jesus conduct the library mass.”

“Maybe we should ask Jesus. I will definitely attend if He speaks there.”

Peter concluded, “Jesus will not answer if He laughs every time we mention it. I think we should speak with His Father about that laughter.”‘

Copied from a blog on the Christian Post, written by Kae Am, December 30, 2011, Story: Higgs Boson God Particle

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  1. I did not expect to find this story republished during my search through the ‘net. Thank you for crediting me. I like your analysis about Cain and his attitude toward God. Makes perfect sense, and I had not considered his attitude that way.

  2. Your thought provoking story makes me yearn for others like it, to bring imagination and fun to what all of us believers yearn for, the coming of our days in the Kingdom. You seem like a writer capable of many more. How about it?

  3. Thank you for the compliment! I already have two more stories in mind. I posted that one for the Christmas holiday. I did not expect many people online to read my serious material during the holiday, and I thought that the Christmas season deserved some lighter posts. There will be more stories for another holiday, probably Easter.

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